January 2016 - LPS Apollo pay-stations installed at Leeds University


As part of Leeds university’s strategic plan, work began on a new £10.5M multi-story car park in December 2014 . The car park, split over 10 levels with 690 spaces, was needed to provide a safe and secure parking facility for staff, students and visitors. In addition an existing car park, adjacent to the new building and part of the university’s sports facility, was also renovated.

Client Specification

UoL’s car parks operate in varying modes throughout the day, differing between weekdays and weekends. During a week day the car park is open to staff and visitors of the university only. On the weekends and in the evening, the car park is open to the general public. Contractors and users of the sports facilities can obtain a code and receive ‘free’ parking for a limited period. The car park is managed by ANPR technology for enforcement and security. For security, only card payments will be accepted and the payment solution must be P2PE compliant.


LPS supplied three Apollo payment terminals, two within the new multi-story car park and one in the car park attached to the sports facility. The three terminals are centrally managed through a bespoke web based back-office solution developed by LPS, which provides enforcement, white-listing, discount and ‘free’ parking codes as well as sales reporting and machine configuration. The terminals communicate over standard Ethernet and are hardwired to the university’s com-puter network providing a secure and reliable connection whilst maintaining P2PE compliance.

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